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audi.com – brand plattform

The international editorial plattform for the german automotive brand. Done at SinnerSchrader.

audi.com is the brand plattform of the german automotive brand. It’s focus is connecting the brand to their audience and keeping them up to date what’s happening in the companies cosmos.

Initial Design Team

Johannes Veith Creative Direction
Markus Baier Creative Direction
Laura Manciuc Project Management
Julia Volkov UX Design
Isabell Oswald UX Design
Rudolf Haak Visual Design
Norman Dubois Visual Design
Nina Markgraf UX Design

About theproject

During my time at SinnerSchrader Hamburg, the digital lead agency for the german automotive brand audi, I was part of the great team responsible for the relaunch of the audi.com website. Our goal was to bring the editorial feeling they have in their print magazine to the digital touchpoint. We did so by creating a clean layout focused on typography, imagery and an editorial inspired layout with a very flexible module system, so the content team can implement new brand stories on a regular basis.

I worked with this team during the time from August 2017 to June 2018. We did the initial designs and defined the art direction of the new website. Obviously the page is a living project with new modules being implemented on a regular basis. Full credit for these goes to the great people at SinnerSchrader working hard to push this project further.

The homepage as an intro to the different storie formats

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