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Davide Perozzi

Portfolio 2019

Davide Perozzi — 2019

Art Direction and Design for the new portfolio of creative Developer Davide Perozzi.

Davide is a creative Developer based in Karlsruhe, Germany. We decided to work together on his new portfolio in the middle of last year. After many iterations and new versions we finally made something we were both proud of. This website is the result of it.


Awwwards Honorable Mention
Awwwards Site of the Day
Awwwards Awwwards Mobile of the year nominee
CSSDA Special Kudos

About theproject

We created a highly interactive website with a clean design and a focus on motion. The website uses a bold red as the primary color, which represents power and interactivity. The choosen typefaces are both technical, modern and bold. Our main goal was to be very loud, bold and reflect the personality of Davide with his special humor.

We both wanted to use this project as an opportunity to try new things, learn new skills and challange ourselves besides our day job at Dorfjungs. And hopefully even get some recognition from the interational design and development scene. That turned out pretty well and thanks to our feature as Site of the Day on Awwwards we got a lot of visitors and potential leads for our studio.

We wanted to tell a story, give the user an enjoyable experience and reflect Davides personality and humor.

The layout is very clean with a high focus on typography, interactive animations and funny gifs. With a context sensitive custom cursor we bring personality to the site and make interacting with it enjoyable.


We decided to go with two different sans serif typefaces. Neue Plak is mainly used for headlines and reflects the boldness we want to express, while Neue Haas Unica is used for body copy and links and has the designy and modern touch we wanted to give the website. For a consistent look and feel throughout the website we are using a 36 column grid with a 18px baseline.

Throughout the page are different elements the user can interact with to keep him engaged. The custom cursor and smooth scrolling complements the scroll animations and makes the whole experience a natural one. We decided to use the rectangle as our main design element, which should reflect the cursor of a command line. It is used throughout the page for section headlines, link underlines and more. The only color used on the website is a bright red, which also adds to the bold character of the website. There is a lot to explore on the website, although it‘s just a onepager. Unfortunately Davide decided to turn it down, so it’s not alive on the web anymore :(

Modern, neutral, design. At least when we launched the folio it was not that well known...

The hero typeface with strong character. Remember the „be bold“ attribute? Perfect for decorative use.

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