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A diverse identity

based on contrasts

kikovi - a diverse identity

Branding and corporate design for an interdisciplinary research project focusing on diversity in the kindergarten.

Kita Kompass Vielfalt is an interdisciplinary research project focused on diversity in the kindergarten. They were in need of a corporate design for their newly created brand. I pitched for that.


Brand Strategy 
Corporate Design 
Graphic Design 

About theproject

The project focuses on diversity in the kindergarten with it’s aim being gathering empirical data for political and professional discourses around this important topic. To do so the brand interviews professionals and parents to their experiences and improvement proposals to push this important subject forward.

The target market is crowded, visually looks boring and clichè. Through research we also found out that we mainly need to speak to educators, because they often are the initiator of such projects and market them to the parents. The goal was to create a corporate design which speaks to them and win them as influencers for the brand. It also should show the contrast of the contrasting fields science and kindergarten in a visually appealing way.

Bringing the diverse brand to life across different touchpoints. With contrast, a clean layout and typography as the brands hero.

The contrast between science and emotion visualizing diversity and the importance of both fields. Contrast as the primary concept.


With Antarctica the brand uses a variable grotesk which has a lot of contrast used on it‘s own. The reduced, clean but still individual character matches the diversity of kikovi. Combined with canela, which has a lot of warmth and personality it is a perfect contrast between science and emotion. A perfect simbiosis of the new brand kikovi.

Complementary pastel colors show both the contrast and harmony of the two fields with blue standing for the science and stability and orange for the dynamic, the emotion and future changing approach of the brand. With the gradient as a smooth transition between both colors it abstracts the symbiosis of both fields.

Individual print finishes, diverse use of typography, layout and positioning of the logo. All of that aims for a diverse, individual and distinctive look. People are different. kikovi is different. kikovi as a lifestyle brand solving the current and futures diversity issues children are facing in the kindergarten.

Stationary for the diverse and contrasting identity

Playful merchandise to create brand awareness.

You need to know who you’re speaking with. Right?

Clean. Reduced. Straight.

The combination of Gmund C62 and letterpress printing for a sophisticated touch.

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