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Dorfjungs. — Next Level Shit

Helping my parents most favorite design and development studio pushing things forward.

Since June 2018 I’ve been working at Dorfjungs. In this time we grow from a super, super small studio with only five people and me being the only designer to a small studio with now sixteen employees and a larger design team.


Josh CEO and Development
Jonas CEO and UX Design
Norman Art direction
Alexandre Project Management
Lili Project Management
Davide Dievelopmänt
Paul Infrastructure
Esteban Development
Jan Development
Nicolas Development
Matheusz Development
Adrian Design
Shannon Design
Anna Design
Valerie Internal Affairs
Agron Development
Kim Design
Klaus Controlling
You? We are hiring

About theproject

In the first few months I worked closely together with Jonas, who’s one of the CEO’s. Not only did we know each other perfectly, since he focuses more on the ux part of the project my speciality is clearly on the visual we perfectly complemented each other in our skillset.

Now, a few months, projects and new office later our design team grew a lot and I'm now working as a creative director responsible to push our client projects, our own brand and most importantly our design team to the next level. And yes, I'm also still pushing pixels myself, because I'm just loving it :)

For our five year anniversary we created nice cards.

On our way to become the next big studio on the horizon. With a special humor, our personality, ambition and our high level to detail. And wine.

We are not just a studio. We are a family, with one goal – to create next level shit and push things forward. That’s what we do day by day, and sometimes night.


Since I’ve started at Dorfjungs. we have evolved our brand to reflect our attributes and personality. We reduced design elements, colors, stick to a more sophisticated typeface with a lot more personality, improved our social media game and got to the next level with our projects. But unfortunately our new website is still in the making #shame. But you know how it is with personal projects – client stuff is always more important.

At least we have started a few times, in the end were not happy with it and ditched it. But hey, although there’s now website shown in this case, you can see some other elements we have created within the last months.

Art directing for emotions – how we approach new projects

We usually start our projects with a strategy workshop, where we try to understand our client and define the strategy for the upcoming project. Afterwards we kickoff the visual design with stylescapes which help us define the art direction for the project. To help our whole team understand the process behind stylescapes, why we use and how to create them I have created and hold a short presentation.

Art directing our new identity – still in the making

Joshua and me gave a presentation about how we approach our projects, what’s important for us and how we try to create next level experiences. Probably you see it – I was fucking nervous. But it went good, we had a lot of fun, were able to share our knowledge and got a lot of good reactions.

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A presentation I’ve hold about stylescapes

Photography by Julian Becker

Draft for our new business cards.

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