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Hoepfner Braeu — Beer? Not really

Art Direction and Design for Hoepfner Braeu, a real estate company based in Karlsruhe. Done at Dorfjungs.

Hoepfner is usually known for beer. And with „Bräu“ in it’s name its obviously not unusual to think that Hoepfner Bräu brews beer. Although it was founded as a brewery, today the company is maintaining and developing properties.


Ivan Juarez Development
Jonas Marckert UX Design
Norman Dubois Art direction

About theproject

Hoepfner Braeu came to us with the demand to relaunch their website, since they were not happy with their current one anymore. One of their main goals was to break with their current image, with is associated with the brewery, which they sold to another company a few years ago. Since they wanted to stick to their name „Hoepfner Braeu„ this was a big challenge.

Our solution was to begin earlier in the process - we challenged their strategy and created a new corporate design in a digital first approach, which reflects modernism, elegance and technology but still has a bit of the heritage they embody to it.

Giving the user an enjoyable loading experience

Constructing and maintaining real estate for high tech companies – the synergy of personality, technology and heritage.

Clean, restrained design with sharp typography pairing, a friendly color scheme, smooth animation concept and a touch of tradition – the new Hoepfner Bräu


Typography is the hero in this project. We don’t want to distract from the content, so we choose the clean, modern american grotesk GT America, paired with Schnyder Wide, a sophisticated serif representing the heritage, but with a playful, organic touch to it. Technology. Personality. Heritage. A perfect synergy.

The initial of Hoepfner, set in a blackletter typeface, is being used as the primary design element throughout the whole brand materials. It shows dynamic, excitement and helps recognizing the brand.

Since the company has three different areas of expertise, we needed a way to give differentiation to them. We solved this by creating a friendly color concept, which defines a color code for each area and helps to differentiate them.

Welcome GT America. Clean, modern, yet personal.

I’m Schnyder and I convey a lot of heritage. Nice to meet you :)

A new identity for an established brand. Created with a digital first approach.

Delightful transitions giving the website more personality and the user more joy

Business cards? Yeah, but not boring!

Enjoying the new Hoepfner braeu.

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